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Transfer Utilities

Transfer Utilities in Georgia and stay connected.

There's a lot to do when you move. When transferring utilities, it's a good idea to contact your service providers at least 2 weeks ahead of time to schedule the date of your transfer otherwise, you could be paying for them even after you move. Additionally, be sure to have those same utility services up and running at least a day before you move in you new residence. Find links below to transfer common Georgia utilities.

Postal Service

USPS Mailing Address


Georgia Power

Cobb EMC

Southern Company

Phone, TV, Internet

Comcast Xfinity


Time Warner / Charter / Spectrum

Google Fiber


Georgia Natural Gas

Gas South

Atlanta Gas Light


Water and Waste

Water and waste services are handled by your municipality. Try a simple google search with the name of your city or county and the terms "waste", "water" or "sanitation".