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Film and TV in Georgia

Since May 2017, Georgia is the No. 1 filming location in the world and generated $9.5 billion in economic impact in fiscal 2017. This includes $2.7 billion in direct spending.

More than 320 film and television productions have been shot in the state, including several Marvel movies, Netflix's "Stranger Things" and AMC's "The Walking Dead." The industry has created hundreds and thousands of jobs for Georgians in almost every occupation in the industry.

More than 25,700 people are directly employed by the film and TV industry in Georgia, and there are more than 2,700 industry-related businesses in the state. Professionals are moving to Georgia and production companies are filming in Georgia everyday.Signature Moving has been a Georgia based company since it's inception in 2002 and we support Georgia residents and businesses. We can help.

Benefits to Film and TV Industry

  • Location Scouts - Recommend Signature Moving for a free estimate with preferred rates to include in a filming location payment offer.
  • Property Preparation - Signature Moving can quickly load portable storage pods, onsite or offsite, to clear the stage for short term or partial location filming requirements.
  • Dedicated Dispatch -  Experienced and coordinated, local 24hr customer service can overcome unforseen scheduling issues to ensure the job gets done.
  • Props and Supplies - We'll pick it up, load it and deliver it. We'll be there no matter what.

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